The Bay Area is just the best place to live. It’s a fact.

OKAY, maybe we’re a little bias because it’s our home sweet home, but come on; you have to admit it’s one of the coolest spots in the world. Any local will tell you that it’s fast-paced with tons of character, nestled between greenery and grapery (hello, Napa) with some of the most sought-after urban neighborhoods… Oh, and did we mention folks from the Bay Area also made Batkid happen? Just saying.

And people here are passionate about the area, its culture, and everything that happens here day in and day out. All you have to do is look at users’ top questions to see that we are on top of breaking news, popular events and what’s happening with our beloved sports teams.

Now that 2013 is officially over, we’ve tallied the top local Bay Area search terms of the year from

1. Asiana Crash at SFO
2. New Bay Bridge
3. America’s Cup
4. Batkid
5. New 49er Stadium
6. Oakland A’s Playoffs
7. Kanye and Kim engaged at AT&T Park
8. Limo fire on San Mateo Bridge
9. BART Strike 
10. California Budget Surplus

What will Bay Area locals search for in the year ahead? Will Kim and Kanye continue to make headlines in 2014? We have a feeling Miley will be a contender on the list with her tour stopping at the Oracle Arena in February. And our sports teams have been kicking butt in and out of the Arena lately, too, with the Warriors’ winning streak and the Niners recent entry into the next round of the NFL playoffs. Super Bowl, anyone?

What do you think will make the biggest headlines in 2014? Tell us in the comments!

- Suraya Akbarzad,