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Were You Bitten During Shark Week?

By spolonsky // August 11th, 2011

Are you sad that Shark Week is over? You’re probably not alone since Discovery Channel’s Shark Week was one of the top viewed programs last week. Shark Week first aired on July 27, 1987 and now airs in over 72 countries every year.

Just because Shark Week has ended, doesn’t mean you can’t keep learning about this misunderstood predator of the sea. Here are some questions users are asking about sharks:  

     How many shark attacks are reported each year?

     What is the deadliest shark?

     Was the movie “Jaws” based on a real story?

     What was the Megalodon shark?

     Do sharks only swim in salt water?

     What is the largest shark in the world?

     Can sharks hear in the water?

     How long can a shark live?

     What sharks have attacked people the most?

     What was the worst shark attack?

     Do sharks sleep?

     Do sharks like to eat humans?



Sheree Polonsky, Public Relations

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