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By jchickneas // June 28th, 2011

Video has become a huge component of today’s social web experience. As such, it’s no surprise there are plenty of new start-ups on the scene (most notably Vyou, touted in the press a YouTube meets Facebook meets Quora) as well as sites like Mahalo that allow users to upload and share “how to” videos with each other.

Web users certainly love video  - today seven in 10 adult Internet users watch videos, and 50 percent report watching humorous videos, up from 31 percent in 2007. Viewing educational videos jumped from 22 percent to 38 percent.

Video is the future, and as the Web’s sixth biggest property, we see a ton of users engaging with video on our results pages – in fact approximately 1 million clicks a month go to YouTube URLs today. As a Q&A site we see a fairly high amount of “how-to” like questions just begging to be answered visually, especially in categories like art, science, cooking and exercise.

So, in the next few weeks, Ask will take the first steps in making video a more vibrant part of our Q&A community with the integration of the YouTube API. That means, later this summer, when a user answers a question and includes a YouTube link, the can see the full thumbnail and metadata information, as well as play the video within the page, similar to how Facebook does. Our own Dave Amato shared the details with WebProNews today. Also, check out the screenshot below.

A small step, but a significant one as we use this as a springboard for uncovering more ways to create a shareable video experience on For example, the API makes it easier for us to feature and scale videos across our algorithmic responses and Answer Products, such as Smart Answers. And it’s the building block for even richer video integration, such as the potential for users to record and upload their own video answers to questions within the community.

This opens new doors for our Q&A partners as well.  Partners in our Branded Q&A beta program will be able to distribute existing video answers and content across our growing user community. Smart Answers will showcase video directly within the answer itself, enabling partners to present users with a more helpful and detailed response (for example, you can imagine how this Smart Answer could benefit from an integrated video component).

Would you like to interact with more video as part of your Q&A experience eon Let us know what you think!

Jonathan Chickneas, Senior Product Manager

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By nedaf // May 27th, 2011

It is so exciting to watch the Q&A community grow and observe users’ interactions and behavior. In particular, we see that users who interact with answers from real people (a feature currently in beta) are more active than those who don’t engage with our Q&A community - in fact, users who engage with human-powered answers visit the site twice as much as those who don’t.  It starts to get even more interesting when we drill down into the different types of Q&A activities occurring across user segments.  We see mobile driving a significant portion of our Q&A service registration.


The mobile users of Q&A  go beyond consuming information – overall they are actually producing more content (questions, answers, comments) than typical site users. In fact, mobile users of our service overall produce 3x as many answers as our site users. Further, they generate more than 4x the volume of answers per question than site users (who, by the way, already contribute a healthy 2:1 ratio of answers per question).  Similarly, our mobile users provide twice as many comments as our Q&A site users.


On the flip side, site users engage in asking questions more than answering and commenting.  In fact, they ask twice as many questions as our mobile users. Although site users appear to prefer asking questions over other activities (answering/commenting), they still contribute to answering and commenting activities significantly.

It seems site users like to ask, and mobile ones like to answer and comment. It will be interesting to watch this evolve as we continue to grow Ask’s presence across more mobile platforms.


Neda Farzinnia, Director of Analytics

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