Ask has quite a diverse employee base, not just in terms of where people are from but also about the places and experiences they’ve had throughout their lives. Ask’s Account Manager Karl Kleinschrodt has spent time living, working, and playing in three of the most exciting cities in the U.S. - New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. We asked him to give us a run-down on how the East and West Coasts compare.

Q: Food?

SF- Living in the foodiest neighborhood of San Francisco, the Mission District is paradise. From tacos to pastas, almost any cuisine can be found and enjoyed. Just remember on the weekends to book a table on Urbanspoon, as the rest of the Bay Area comes to visit and everything is packed.

LA- Celebrity chefs serving celebrities was the total LA food scene. It was almost more important to be seen in a restaurant than to actually eat there—clearly some celebs didn’t.

NYC- The ability to be able to pick up the phone and get any food cuisine delivered to you at any time was amazing. The one thing to note is that they don’t know how to make Mexican food, so if you’re craving a late-night burrito, you might need to hop on over to SF. 

Winner: San Francisco—diversity wins.

Q: Work?

SF- Working both as a consultant in Silicon Valley and now here at, the tech focus in the Bay Area is one of a kind.

LA- The lack of large major agencies in LA started my start-up career. It was cool to be a part of the start of ‘Silicon Beach.’ Start-ups are longer hours, more stress, but you definitely see the output of your day.

NYC- Working at large digital agencies in NYC was fast paced and a great first working experience. Being able to work on Fortune 500 Brands at such a young age is something that I will not forget.

Winner: Depends on your style/industry. If you’re interested in tech, I don’t think any other city compares to the Bay.

Q: Nightlife?

SF- Dive bars. Need I say more?

LA- Pretentious Hollywood clubs. Need I say less?

NYC- Amazing in every way. Grab a drink in the East Village, take a cab to Chelsea, and end the evening on a rooftop. Incredible.

Winner:  New York City—the city that never sleeps has perfected sleepless nights.

Q: Weather?

SF- It’s really not as cold as everyone says, but because California is synonymous for beach weather, SF gets a bad rep. I am spoiled since I live in the sunniest neighborhood in the city, and get to view the fog coming in over Twin Peaks. A pretty impressive site.

LA- Perfect in every way (except the smog). I miss my pool in West Hollywood every day.

NYC- Freezing in the winter and humid in the summer. You really get the worst of both worlds.

Winner: LA, but major points-deduction for smog. If you can handle a few degrees cooler, SF provides the cleaner air.

Q: Public Transportation?

SF- Love BART, but it doesn’t connect everywhere I need to go in the city. Uber please!

LA- What public transportation?

NYC- Gets you literally everywhere you need to go in the five boroughs. Absolutely love MTA.

Winner: New York. Take some notes, BART!

Overall Winner: Have to give it to San Francisco. With a mild climate, delicious eateries, and interesting people tucked in every corner of the city, San Francisco takes the cake.

An interesting take from our very own Karl Kleinschrodt!