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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/25/13

By askdotcom // June 25th, 2013


For today’s photo challenge of the day, we asked if you could decipher which summer movie this image is from?


If you said, The Bling were correct!

Inspired by true events surrounding a group of fame-obsessed teenagers who use the Internet to track celebrities’ whereabouts in order to rob their homes. Victims include Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Orlando Bloom and Rachel Bilson. 

The movie is directed, written, and produced by Sofia Coppola and it’s out in theaters now! Go check it out this weekend!

- Suraya Akbarzad, 

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Intagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/20

By askdotcom // June 20th, 2013


Did you guess today’s Instagram Photo Challenge of the Day? If you said “Rosemary’s Baby” – you were right!


Directed by Roman Polanski, this 1968 thriller starred Mia Farrow as Waifish Rosemary Woodhouse and John Cassavets as Rosemary’s husband, Guy Woodhouse. The couple experiences strange occurrences in their new NYC apartment and when Rosemary mysteriously becomes pregnant, the mom-to-be quickly comes to believe that her baby is not of this world. Even scarier – she suspects that her sweet elderly neighbors Minnie and Roman Castevet have plans for her unborn child. The only solution is, as the movie’s tag-line says, to “pray for Rosemary’s baby.”

Definitely gave us goosebumps!

-          Suraya Akbarzad,

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