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Anatomy of Killer Customer Service - A Fun Interactive Infographic!

By askdotcom // September 24th, 2013

Several business trends have emerged over the past few years, one of the most prolific of which has centered around customer experience, and specifically the way companies and brands interact with customers and users. In early 2012, revamped our entire customer service approach toward a more personalized customer care experience. That got us wondering how Ask users felt about customer service in general, and the experiences people have on a daily basis.

As the below interactive infographic shows, 2000 of our users shared their thoughts with us. The most telling statistic: 65% of users have had their opinion of a brand changed simply by a customer service interaction! It’s no surprise, since in many cases customer service is the only direct contact a brand has with its users. Yet so many companies still choose to farm out customer service operations to third-party vendors whose employees lack the institutional knowledge to speak authoritatively and confidently about the brand!

Check out some of the other effects of existing corporate approaches to customer service in the interactive infographic and mouse over the customer service rep for examples of great customer support at work! 

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- Eric McKirdy, Worldwide Customer Care and Technical Support Manager,


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Customer Care Insights From a Pair of Jeans

By askdotcom // June 21st, 2013

Recently I spent a few days in New York City at IAC, the parent company of Ask and several other top internet sites. The heads of customer care from all of these companies gather annually to discuss best practices and new technologies which allow us to deliver awesome customer support experiences to our nearly 200 million monthly users.

With all of that in mind, I was incredibly curious about an A-frame sign outside a Levi’s company store near the hotel. As you see in the photo, the sign promised that an on-site tailor will custom fit and sew you a pair of denim jeans!

I walked by that sign on two or three different occasions before summoning up the nerve to go in. I was greeted by Nadine, who showed me back to the custom fitting area. On the wall hung rolls of various colors of Levi’s denim, and countless bins of rivets, buttons, patches, cuffs, and pretty much every different component Levi’s puts into its jeans.

I asked Nadine why a person would go this route, rather than buying a pair off the shelf, such as the pair I happened to be wearing that day. She explained that Levi’s wants its customers to have the option of a personalized experience with its brand and products, and thus come back for more.

Not a bad idea, I thought – and coincidentally, that’s exactly what we do here at Ask. Our products deliver answers to our users’ specific questions, and when our users need to get in touch with us, they get a personal answer in return no matter what channel they use – our Help Center, the phone, email, Twitter or any other way we’re in touch. Our goals are pretty much the same as Levi’s, and the same as every other IAC company, and hopefully shared by many other companies across several industries. It’s good to be with a company who tries to get it right, and do right by its users.

Editor’s note: It turns out those custom Levi’s cost $750 per pair. Eric’s wife chose not to approve that purchase order

- Eric McKirdy, Worldwide Customer Care and Technical Support Manager,

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