The famous quote by Benjamin Franklin has sort of become a phrase used by corporations to make themselves look less singularly focused on profit. I can see why people are skeptical. But can you really improve your business and still also support a cause you really care about?

Well, a while ago we reached out to a very big name in the non-profit world with a unique idea. We asked, could we build something where we engage our users to help out other users while at the same raising money to support a great cause? And the answer is: yes! 

We call it “Answers for the Cure" - you can sign up here - and it allows anyone who wants to support this program to sign up on and answer questions asked by our users, on many different topics. For every answer, we’re making a donation towards the fight against breast cancer. And it’s been great so far: Thousands of members have signed up and some of them have answered hundreds of questions, as many as 20 or more per day. That’s pretty exciting and helps out a lot of people who come to us in search of answers.

But while members loved the program, we heard that a lot of people didn’t even know about it. A simple change to the program, which now not only shows when somebody in the program answers a question, but also allows other users to easily learn about and join Answers for the Cure with just one click, truly unlocked its viral appeal. Take a look at the chart below… When we turned this new feature on, literally over night, the number of answers per day, and thus donations per day, just went up dramatically.

Doesn’t that look like doing well and doing something good at the same time? Here’s to our users: thank you so much for being so engaged and supportive.  

IAC Headquarter lit in pink for breast cancer awareness

IAC Headquarter in NYC lit in pink for breast cancer awareness in Oct 2010.

Robbie Waeschenfelder, Director, Brand Marketing