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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/11

By askdotcom // June 11th, 2013


For today’s photo challenge, we took a the question of the day right off our homepage, “Which cartoon was used to sell the idea of income tax?”

Except on Instagram we were very nice and gave you the hint: It’s a Disney character…


If you guessed Donald Duck, you were correct!

Earlier this year Huffington Post reported:

In 1943, the Treasury Department turned to the Donald — in technicolor! — to help communicate the importance of the income tax to the American people, most of whom had never paid income tax before (only the wealthy paid income taxes pre-World War II).

Entitled “The New Spirit,” in the video Donald Duck is brainwashed, er convinced, by the voice inside of a radio that it is his patriotic duty to pay an income tax.”

Watch the video for yourself!

- Suraya Akbarzad,

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Instagram Photo Challenge of the Day 5/30/13

By askdotcom // May 30th, 2013

Today’s photo challenge on Instagram asked you guys, “Can you name Mickey Mouse’s movie debut?”

The answer is “Steamboat Wililie!”

Mickey Mouse made his debut in the short animated film, “Steamboat Willie” in 1928. Steamboat Willie was one of the very first animated films with synchronized sound, directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. It was also the first animated movie to feature a fully post-produced soundtrack.

Mickey was introduced as a mischievous mouse, but over the years gained so much popularity that he became an icon for the everyman!

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- Suraya Akbarzad,

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