For today’s Instagram photo of the day challenge we asked, “Do you know which gam these pieces belong to?”

If you said Bingo, you were correct!

Bingo can actually be traced back to a lottery game played in Italy around 1530 called Il Giuoco del Lotto d’italia. By the time the eighteenth century rolled around, the game had moved into France and evolved to include playing cards, tokens, and reading numbers out loud. In the nineteenth century, Bingo was being widely used in Germany to teach children spelling, animal names, and multiplication tables.

Le Lotte was created in France in 1778, which featured 27 squares in a unique layout of three rows and nine columns, which later became the basis for the modern day design. It was in the early 1920’s that Hugh J. Ward standardized the game we know today at carnivals around Pennsylvania. He went on to copyright the game, “Bingo” and author its rule book in 1933.

- Suraya Akbarzad,