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Moving Up The Ladder

By askdotcom // April 9th, 2014

Ask loves bringing in young minds and giving them the opportunity to learn and grow within the company. Former intern Joey Hinojosa was recently hired as a full-time Search Marketing Specialist at Ask! We talked to Joey about his journey to and through Ask, and some suggestions for turning an internship opportunity into a permanent position.

Q: How did you get your position as an intern here at Ask?

Joey:  I originally applied for another position, but I was coming right out of Sac State and was kind of under-qualified for the position. I never got called back for that job, but I’m glad I still met with Ask because two months later I got an email with an offer for a marketing internship, so I took it!

Q: What was your major at Sac State? How did that prepare you for your internship here at Ask?

Joey: I started out as a Psychology major, but switched into Business Marketing my senior year. I definitely learned the fundamentals of business marketing through classes like advertising, B2B marketing, consumer marketing, business statistics and marketing case studies. However, I feel like I learned the most at internships I had while I was in college. That’s where I learned how to plan and execute marketing campaigns which really prepped me for my internship and job here at Also, once I started my internship at Ask, I was able to grow my skill set to include display advertising and implementing marketing campaigns as well as learning how to navigate through a corporate business environment.

Q: How did you work to secure a full-time position?

Joey: There was a lot of hard work involved. I had weekly 1:1’s with my manager, where we set both short and long-term goals. I was proactive in learning new tools that would make me an asset to the marketing department and Ask. I would set up regular meetings with my peers to help me in areas that I was struggling in.  I would help people out in other departments, which showed that I was a reliable person who was willing to go above and beyond for the company. I was involved in a lot of the extra-curricular activities hosted by Ask so I could get to know more of my fellow colleagues.

Q: Any advice for future interns?

Joey: Cross train—don’t work in just one department, which will limit you. Try to get as much exposure to other departments or within departments. Network within the company and don’t be afraid to ask questions. And go out for drinks or coffee once in a while.

Q: Favorite things about working at Ask?

Joey: The unlimited paid-time-off (PTO) policy. For someone young who loves to travel, that’s super important. The overall environment here is pretty relaxed which is really nice.  And I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a great group of people that I can learn from and relate to. Oh, and the kitchen—I love the snacks!


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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/26/13

By askdotcom // June 26th, 2013


Today’s photo of the day challenge of the day for #humpday asked fans if they knew which mountain this was….

If you guessed Mount Everest then you’re correct!

Mount Everest is the Earth’s highest mountain, with a peak of 29,029ft about sea level. If we’re measuring from the center of the Earth, which, why not, then it’s the 5th tallest mountain. It’s located in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas with an international border between China and Nepal running across the precise summit point.

It was originally documented as Peak XV in 1856, but just under ten years later it was given the official name by the Royal Geographical Society. Because Tibet and Nepal were closed to foreigners at the time, the British explorers had no idea that Tibetans had always called Everest, “Chomolungma.”

- Suraya Akbarza,

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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/25/13

By askdotcom // June 25th, 2013


For today’s photo challenge of the day, we asked if you could decipher which summer movie this image is from?


If you said, The Bling were correct!

Inspired by true events surrounding a group of fame-obsessed teenagers who use the Internet to track celebrities’ whereabouts in order to rob their homes. Victims include Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Orlando Bloom and Rachel Bilson. 

The movie is directed, written, and produced by Sofia Coppola and it’s out in theaters now! Go check it out this weekend!

- Suraya Akbarzad, 

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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/24

By askdotcom // June 24th, 2013


Today’s photo of the day challenge evokes thoughts of warm summer nights at outdoor concerts. As such we asked, can you guess which landmark amphitheater is?

If you said Colorado favorite Red Rocks, you were correct!

Red Rocks Ampitheater is a rock structure near Morrison Colorado, where concerts are given int he open-air ampitheater. It is comprised of a large disc-shaped rock behind the stage, a huge vertical rock angled outwards from stage right, several large outcrops angles outwards from stage left and a seating area for up to 9,450 people in between.

It opened in the 1900’s, and has been known as “Garden of  the Angels” and “Garden of the Titans.” Today, everyone knows it as Red Rocks. If you’re planning a trip to Denver, CO this summer, check out the lineup!

- Suraya Akbarzad,

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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/19

By askdotcom // June 19th, 2013


We’re still feeling the summer vibes around here, so for today’s photo of the day challenge we’re asking if you can tell which sunscreen this brand is…


If you said Hawaiian Tropic…you were correct!

Back in 1969 Ron Rice founded Hawaiian Tropic with a $500 loan from his father. The first batch of product was concocted in a metal trash can and bottled it from his home garage. After rapid success, he became the largest private manufacturer of sun care products in the United States until it was finally acquired in May 2007 by Playtex Products, Inc. 

What’s your preferred sunscreen or tanner this summer?

-Suraya Akbarzad,

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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/18/13

By askdotcom // June 18th, 2013


For today’s photo of the day challenge, we were just too excited for summer to come, so we had to ask…”What flavor of ice cream is this?


If you said, Pralines n’ Cream…You were right!

But did you actually know what praline means? Praline can refer to confections made from nuts and sugar syrup, whether in whole pieces or a ground powder, or to any chocolate cookie containing the ground powder or nuts. 

What flavors are your go-to during the summer?

-Suraya Akbarzad,

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Instagram Photo Challenge of the Day 6/17/13

By askdotcom // June 17th, 2013

For today’s Instagram photo of the day challenge we asked, “Do you know which gam these pieces belong to?”

If you said Bingo, you were correct!

Bingo can actually be traced back to a lottery game played in Italy around 1530 called Il Giuoco del Lotto d’italia. By the time the eighteenth century rolled around, the game had moved into France and evolved to include playing cards, tokens, and reading numbers out loud. In the nineteenth century, Bingo was being widely used in Germany to teach children spelling, animal names, and multiplication tables.

Le Lotte was created in France in 1778, which featured 27 squares in a unique layout of three rows and nine columns, which later became the basis for the modern day design. It was in the early 1920’s that Hugh J. Ward standardized the game we know today at carnivals around Pennsylvania. He went on to copyright the game, “Bingo” and author its rule book in 1933.

- Suraya Akbarzad,

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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/14

By askdotcom // June 14th, 2013

Today’s photo challenge of the day was in honor of both Flashback Friday and E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) we asked, which game is this? And, for extra credit, which game console was it played on?

If you said The Legend of Zelda for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), then you are correct!

The Legend of Zelda was originally released on February 21, 1986, developed and published by Nintendo. It’s considered one of Nintendo’s most important franchises, with gameplay consisting of action, adventure, and puzzle solving. The story revolves around the playable character Link, who is given the task of rescuing Princess Zelda. As of December 2011, The Legend of Zelda franchise sold 67.93 million copies since the game’s release.

Have fun to all who are at E3 this week!

-Suraya Akbarzad,

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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/13

By askdotcom // June 13th, 2013


Today’s photo of the day challenge came straight from our homepage question of the day. What was the original ICEE flavor?


If you guessed, Cola…you were correct!

The ICEE was invented in 1958 by a Kansas Dairy Queen own who had been placing bottles of soda in his freezer until frozen, because he didn’t own a soda fountain. The frozen drinks were popular and he soon realized that he needed a machine to make the product. Did you know he originally wanted the tasty treats to be called, "scoldasices"??

-Suraya Akbarzad,

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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/12

By askdotcom // June 12th, 2013


For today’s photo challenge of the day we asked, “Do you know which iconic mountain peak this is?

If you guessed Mount Fuji, you’re correct!

One of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains,” Mt. Fuji is the high mountain in Japan, located on Honshu Island, coming in at 3,776.24 meters (or 12,389 ft). It is an active stratovolcano, but it hasn’t erupted since 1707-08. It lies about 60 miles south-west from Tokyo and is visible on clear days. 

The peak has an exceptionally symmetrical cone that is snow capped many months of the year, which makes this natural wonder a well-known Japanese symbol.

- Suraya Akbarzad,

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