Hey friends,

From where I’m sitting, this has been quite a memorable week. Same for you? We at Ask have the finger on the nation’s pulse, since everything that happens tends to show up as questions on our site. It’s really kind of cool to look at the world through questions.

Well, first we started the week off with the latest gay celebrity to come out, Zachary Quinto. We’re proud of him, and updated our official answer to the popular question:

Is Zachary Quinto gay? (by the way, did you notice how some other sites are still unsure?)

Then, of course the infamous Harold Camping made a new prediction for the end of the world. Which is today. Cross fingers! We did pay him a little tribute, with all due non-seriosity:

Is the world ending?

Yesterday, the Hayward Fault under Oakland, where Ask is headquartered, started shaking. Nobody was hurt, but we all asked ourselves: Can we predict earthquakes?

But the week (assuming the world isn’t actually ending today) otherwise finished on two high notes from the Middle East! Firstly, the 40 year dictatorship of Gadhafi finally comes to an inglorious end. But even more exciting, President Obama announced that he’s bringing our troops home from Iraq for the holidays.

And so here’s my personal favorite newly revised answer of the week:

When will the war in Iraq end?

Lastly, of course, we’re getting close to Halloween and, boy, do we get a lot of Halloween questions. Here are some of my favorites from the Q&A Community:

What was the first candy ever?

Who invented Halloween?

How old is too old to go trick or treating?

Actually, for that last one, I have a great answer from our wonderful celebrity Halloween expert Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Check it out:

Happy weekend!

Robbie Waeschenfelder, Director, Marketing