With summer just around the corner, Ask.com users are asking and answering all sorts of questions about how to prepare for the season. Some of the most popular questions focused on sun damage, tanning and how to make sure everything from sunglasses to nails are summer-ready.  Check out the tips below!
What is the fastest way to get rid of sunburn?
54% of Ask.com users say you should try applying Aloe Vera gel multiple times a day.

What are some high-quality brands of sunglasses?
Ask.com users recommend Oakley’s, Spy and Ray Bans.

What are the best nail polish colors for summer?
Ask.com users suggest sticking to lighter colors such as light pinks, nudes, peaches and light blues.

Where are the best places to go on summer vacation?
Ask.com users recommend going to Florida, Hawaii, California or the Bahamas for your summer vacation this year.

What are some fun and affordable things to do this summer?
45% of Ask.com users say camping is a great activity to do during the summer. Other ideas are hiking and swimming at a local pool or beach.

What is the best beach sport to do with friends?
43% of Ask.com users say frisbee is a fun and all inclusive sport to play with friends. Other beach sports suggested were bocci ball and football.


Sheree Polonsky, Public Relations