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Instagram Photo of the Day Challenge 6/5

By askdotcom // June 5th, 2013


Today’s photo of the day challenge asked, “Do you know which famous U.S. mountain this is?”

If you guessed Mt. Rainier in Tacoma Washington, then you are correct!

Mt. Rainier is actually not just a mountain; it’s a stratovolcano located just 54 miles east of Seattle. Part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc, it is the most topographically prominent mountain. It’s also considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Even though the last known evidence of eruption was 1894, you never know…

- Suraya Akbarzad,

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Wading Pool Party!

By askdotcom // July 13th, 2012

Wallingford Playfield's Wading Pool

At Ask, we do more than answer questions. We also keep promises.

Case in point: the third and final problem Seattleites told us they wanted addressed: Keep the wading pools open more often. We responded by sponsoring three of the city’s most popular pools: East Queen Anne, Powell Barnett and Wallingford.

To celebrate, we threw a pool party!

Of course, by “party,” we mean a full-on celebration at Wallingford, with free ice cream, umbrellas, and a bouncy house! Kids splashed, kids bounced, and waders of all ages enjoyed free ice cream bars from Langley’s own Whidbey Island Ice Cream Company.

Locals may have heard about the surprise event via Wallyhood or the Puget Sound Business Journal, but however they chanced across it, a great time was had by all. And since we set out on this campaign to bring more enjoyment to Seattllites’ everyday activities, we feel pretty good about the results. We suspect Seattle does, too.

Have a great Summer,


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You Asked, We Answered #1: Commuters’ Delight

By askdotcom // May 30th, 2012

Bring a smile to commuters’ faces: check!

This past Tuesday morning, we made good on our declaration to bring a smile to Seattleites’ faces after the long weekend. As promised, we distributed fresh, hot Cafe Vitta coffee to morning commuters at six different Park & Rides across the Puget Sound area. We also handed out tumblers and other goodies.

Even the Park & Ride bus drivers got into the act, as passengers brought them fresh, hot coffee to enjoy on their own hauls.  

On a whole, “operation transportation caffeination” was a success. Next up: making the post-Mariners-game trip home a heck of a lot easier. Stay tuned!


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Mobile May Be the Future, but TV Is Still Going Strong

By annsem // December 19th, 2011

Sometimes it seems like the only thing anyone talks about anymore is mobile. And that’s for good reason – the marketing intelligence firm eMarketer recently published a remarkable statistic – people are now spending more time consuming information on their phones than from printed media like newspapers and magazines. Mobile and print were neck in neck in 2010, but mobile jumped dramatically in 2011. This isn’t a surprise at, where we’ve seen over 1 million downloads of our iPhone app since it launched in late 2010. Our recently-released Android app is on a similar trajectory, growing users at a rate of about 45% each month.

Despite the buzz about mobile, eMarketer’s report suggests that TV is still going strong.  Adults in the US are actually watching 10 minutes more TV per day this year than they were in 2010. This is also great news for us, since we’re stepping up our TV advertising in several cities in 2012. If you live in San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia or Washington, DC  you may notice commercials for during one of your favorite shows starting in January. Let us know if you see them! 

Click here to read more about the eMarketer study. 

Ann Semeraro, Director, Consumer and Market Insight

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