A couple things I noticed about Mom’s Day:
1.¬†Even if you’re generally bad with holidays, you’d feel really bad to miss this one (I certainly do).
2. You’re supposed to spell it Mother’s Day (not Mothers Day or Mothers’ Day).
3. Some countries created Mother’s Day celebrations really in order to promote motherhood in an effort to increase the national birth rate.
4. Anna Jarvis who proclaimed Mother’s Day in America, ended up being so upset over the commercialized “Hallmark Holiday” her creation had become, she opposed its celebration.
5. Most of the $1.5 Billion spent on Mother’s Day goes to the flower, candy, spa and gift card industry, which are, of course, its top marketers and promoters.

Every year this day causes a dilemma in my life, because, as my mom would tell you, she “has everything” and she “doesn’t need anything”. Also, she doesn’t like flowers (because they remind her of hospitals and graveyards) and she doesn’t like any chocolates or candy (because they would make her fat). She also doesn’t want a gift card for a spa treatment, because she “could do that anytime”. What makes it worse is that I live 6,000 miles away, so I can’t just take her to dinner! What to do?

So I said to myself, let me see what Ask.com mothers say I should get for my mom. Take a look at the answers here. Guess what most of them said: “Just spend time with your mother”…¬†

Well, next year, I’ll book a flight and sit on my mom’s couch on Sunday. The perfect gift for your mom, is yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Robbie Waeschenfelder, Director, Brand Marketing