was honored to be one of the local businesses representing innovation at Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s reception for the Women and Economy Summit at the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference Friday night.  Mayor Jean Quan and a committee of distinguished Oakland women leaders in exports, innovation, and education hosted more than 400 international delegates to the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation, as well as local representatives, at a City Hall reception on Friday, Sept. 16. The reception follows the three-day international APEC Summit for delegates of 21 Pacific Rim economies held in San Francisco.

Lisa Kavanaugh, Robbie Waeschenfelder and I managed a booth for, handing out some awesome red baseball caps, touting Ask and networking with a few notables, including Pandora’s Jessica Steel, Executive Vice President of Business and Corporate Development. As we listened to Mayor Jean Quan, Governor Jerry Brown and others speak that night, we couldn’t help but feel very excited to be part of Oakland’s thriving community.


Angela Loeffler, SVP of People Operations