It’s difficult for anyone to be creatively inspired and productive when you’re sitting in a sea of cubicles all in the same monotone color scheme surrounded by white walls and brown office doors. 

Sure, you can paint some of those walls to add some color, but who wouldn’t want to create their own environment that you and your cube mates could call “home”.  Inspired by another program at LinkedIn, kicked off “Pimp My Pod” last week, a program that allows each pod group to permanently transform their workspace into an environment that makes them feel comfortable and express who they are. 

The groups were encouraged to bring in stuff from home, create items from scratch and of course we provided a small monetary gift to help them along.  Each group then hosted an open house where they invited the rest of the company over for snacks, drinks, and a tour of their area. We had pods themed as a HAWAIIAN LUAU, NIGHTCLUB, JUNGLE, SERENITY LOUNGE and many more! 

Each group’s collective efforts provided an opportunity for the team to work together on something creative that the rest of the company could enjoy as a pat on the back for all their hard work.

Check out awesome pictures of pimped out pods:

Sheree Polonsky, Public Relations