Even though the year is quickly coming to an end, we still have some fun popular questions of 2011 that want to share with you. At the beginning of the month, we released the top questions asked on Ask.com along with the top predictions of 2012 - but there were quite a few celebrity questions that were a little too juicy to share with the media! Here is a glimpse at what people were really asking us…

Is Justin Bieber gay?

Is Kim Kardashian’s butt real?

Is Lady Gaga a man?

Did Lindsay Lohan have plastic surgery?

How much does Beyonce weigh?

Will Charlie Sheen overdose?

Is Kate Middleton pregnant?

Did Ashton Kutcher get his girlfriend pregnant?

How did Amy Winehouse overdose?

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger gain weight? 

Where is the video of Ghadafi’s death?

Does Obama smoke pot?

Sheree Polonsky, Public Relations