The night sky is going to be even more impressive than normal over the next few weeks, due to the yearly light show known as the Perseids Meteor Shower.  What is a Meteor Shower you ask? Well this particular one is the most visible all year, and is caused by the Earth passing through a trail of debris from the Comet Swift/Tuttle. Visible annually from around July 23rd through August 22nd, the meteors are most visible the night of August 12th-13th.  This year, the peak night to see meteors also happens to be the night of the full moon, and the brightness of the moon will make it a little bit harder to see the meteors when they are most abundant.  Don’t despair though, if you can make your way out into the country and away from the city lights during the first week of August, you should be able to see an impressive display, especially in the hours between midnight and dawn.  Happy sky-gazing!

Emily Kidder, Knowledge Engineer/Answer Geek