We’ve been looking at user behavior in our Q&A community (which is still in beta) and found that people who ask and answer questions tend to boast higher frequency and retention rates - exciting stuff as we look to roll out this feature across all our traffic later this summer.  Visitors to our Q&A community are more engaged than our non-community users and have a higher visit rate to Ask.com pages. In fact, people who ask and answer questions on Ask.com produce 2x as many visits per visitor as our site users who do not interact with the live Q&A community.


Users who participate in asking and answering questions in our Q&A community are able to ask questions, browse questions from other users, answer other questions and make comments. Here are some other data points we have gathered from our community users:

- Users in the Q&A Community have a higher retention than our average site users.

- Percentage of Q&A community users who come back to the site is 2x as large as non-community users.  

- Q&A community users are active across all Ask.com pages including asking questions, answering questions, and making general search queries.

We will continue to learn about the user community as it grows, and we’ll keep you posted on all the exciting news.

Neda Farzinnia, Director of Analytics