Here at Ask, we like to celebrate holidays and events with questions and answers, of course. Cinco de Mayo is no exception. There are lots of questions surrounding the holiday like What does Cinco de Mayo celebrate?How do you make guacamole?What do people wear on Cinco de Mayo? and even today’s Question of the Day.

Did you know that even though Cinco de Mayo is widely celebrated in the United States, in Mexico it’s a regional holiday limited primarily to the state of Puebla? It commemorates the Mexican army’s victory at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The battle is considered important because although the Mexican army was half the size of the well-equipped French army, the Mexicans were able to defeat them.

The holiday is frequently confused with Mexican Independence Day, which is on September 16th. So while we you are eating your chips and salsa today, consider what Cinco de Mayo is really about and by all means ask a few questions.

Holly Boston, Homepage Guru