I had the privilege of attending AppNation last week to moderate a panel called: Beyond The Check-In: How To Harness Real-Time Mobile Data.

Joining my panel was Di-Ann Eisnor from Waze, Rob DeMillo from 4INFO and Akash Agarwal from Location Labs. After launching the Ask.com iPhone app in November of last year and Ask Around for SXSW this past March, it has become clear how important mobile and the location based model is to our products.

Ask.com mobile users are up to 5x more engaged than those using our other products, so joining this panel was a great opportunity to hear from others tackling similar problems and focus on key topics including monetization, privacy and how products are evolving as explicit signals like geo location become more prevalent in mobile devices.

Di-Ann shared insights into how game mechanics improved engagement and participation in Waze, a social mapping application.

She recently gave a talk on the subject that can be viewed here.

Rob and Akash shared their thoughts on advertising and privacy concerns.

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in our panel and the follow up discussions thereafter.

AppNation Panel

Nick McCann, VP Technology