Last week in this space, I mentioned that traveled to Phoenix to attend a forum on new strategies and best practices in Customer Experience. All in all, over a dozen conference sessions were presented, but one of them really stands out in my mind.

After serving a full career culminating as the chief of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Gen. Robert Van Antwerp (Ret.) entered the private sector to continue helping other companies and organizations recruit and retain the best and brightest talent possible. Of particular note, he instructed us that everyone he’s ever interviewed for a job has always fallen into one of three categories:

“I have to…”

“I want to…”

“I get to…”

Without hesitation, the General testified that we should always look for “I get to” people, because they see challenges as opportunities rather than burdens. “I want to” people are more self-focused and less team oriented, and “I have to” people tend to be overly pessimistic.

I think every person in the conference room took a moment for self-discovery to determine into which category each of us fell into! Beyond that, I began thinking of all the other people I work with at and realized that we have a company full of “I get to” people. They face technological challenges and unexpected developments all the time, and these instances are always met with quick problem-solving and teamwork. Opportunities, indeed!

I’m proud to work for a company with so many “I get to” people, and as we continue growing our numbers through the next year, I look forward to welcoming many more people who have the same “I get to” spirit. With people like this, we can’t help but succeed.


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