Fun fact: is a top 10 most-visited site on the Internet. And like any top-ten site, we have some interesting insight into user behavior.

With the help of Ask Mobile Guru Jason Rupp and our pals at Comscore (and gleaned from objective surveys sourced from various syndicated tools), we’ve found a few jewels among the numbers that we want to share.

Smart Phones Are Gaining; Android Rules.

46% of all mobile phones are “smart phones:” Android phones, iPhones, Blackberrys, and Windows phones. That number continues to increase, as more of the cheap phones are given the ability to access connected media (photos, Web, video, music) every year.

Of that 46%:

  • 51% are Android phones
  • 31% are iPhones
  • 12% are Blackberry phones
  • 4% are Windows phones

Ask Mobile Users: Smarter, Female-er.

Our stats also tell us that mobile users are more tech-savvy, with a much higher percentage owning smartphones: 78%, compared to the general public’s 46%.

In addition, users are 69% more likely to use connected media than the total mobile audience. 32% of users are also more likely to play mobile games. Plus, users are predominantly female: 52%, in fact.

Our audience: Tech-savvier, better-equipped, and possibly better-smelling than the public-at-large! Hey, we’re just stating the facts.

 Statistically Yours,

—Ken Grobe,