Over the weekend, we fulfilled the second of our three promises to Seattle, WA. (see the first one here), by providing rides home from the Mariners game.

After the eighth inning of June 16th’s Mariners/Giants game, a fleet of free pedicabs lined up in the parking lot, ready to whisk attendees to the post-game destination of their choice. 

Some went home, some went to bars and restaurants, but they all got to where they wanted without a shred of parking lot gridlock. On June 17th, we did it again. As we will on June 30 and July 1, for the last two games of the Red Sox series.

It’s all part of our You Asked, We Answered campaign to help Seattle with a few universal problems. Thanks for using Ask, Seattle—and stay tuned for our next project: saving the wading pools!

Play Ball,