Once a year, we take a day out of our busy schedules to go fishing. 

But you can’t expect Ask.com to take an ordinary fishing trip. Nope. We do it at a public park. And we do it to hang out with some incredible kids.

Last week marked our sixth annual visit to the Fishing Derby for Special Kids, where about 150 kids from local elementary schools head to ride boats, get their faces painted, indulge in arts & crafts, and of course, fish.

Aside from being a sponsor of the event, Ask-ers join the kids at Oakland’s  Lake Temescal park to buddy up with the kids and help out. 

We began our participation back in 2007 and it’s been such a gas that we join in every year. Some Ask-ers help tie lines and net the catches, others help out with face painting, and everyone shares in having fun.

Seeing the smiles on these kids’ faces is a rare reward. And the hand-decorated tote bags are nothing to sneeze at, either. ;-) 

Feel free to join us next year! Mind you, It’ll be easier if you’re working here, but hey, we’re game if you are.