Folks, we’ve kept you waiting long enough. Seattle has voted: here’s the results of our You Asked, We Answered campaign. 

The winner, with 58% of the votes, is Saving the Wading Pools. But wait…there’s more!

Seattleites, we were so impressed with your response to the campaign that we’ve decided to grant ALL THREE wishes:

Ease The Morning Commute: Tuesday Morning, May 29, We’ll partner with local small-batch coffee roaster Caffé Vita to hand out free coffee, complete with a take-home travel mug, at the following Park & Ride locations across the city: Northgate; Tukwila; Burien; South Kirkland; Issaquah-Highlands; Kent-Des Moines.

Minimize Stadium Traffic: Starting June 16 and running for several games through early July, we’re sponsoring a fleet of free pedicabs, ready to whisk you from Safeco field to your home or favorite post-game bar. 

Save the Wading Pools: More Seattleites voted for this option than the other two choices COMBINED! We’re in the process of donating the funds necessary to reopen the East Queen Anne, Powell Barnett and Wallingford wading pools  each Saturday for the 2012 summer season (which kicks off the last week of June). The reopening of the pools for the summer will also include a special surprise event.

See below for a special infographic of the breakdown, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. 

Thanks for everything, Seattle…and see you soon on!