Tell Us What You Want. We’ll Take Care of the Rest.

Dear Seattle:

You might have seen in our earlier post that we’re granting you a wish. Today, it’s happening: we kicked off our “You Asked, We Answered” campaign, designed to make the irksome things in your life (well, one of them at least) a little easier. 

Today Seattleites will see Ask sprinkled around the city. We’re hitting the streets to talk with people in person, hang banners over heavily trafficked areas, and more—all to find out what people really want so that we can make it happen. Ask will grant the thing that gets the most votes. 

So which of these will you vote for?

Ease the morning commute. We heard that the Seattle morning commute can be pretty rough. Vote for this, and Ask will partner with Caffé Vita  to brighten up the post-Memorial day commute with free coffee at multiple Park & Ride locations.

Minimize stadium traffic. We also heard that Mariners games can be one of the toughest spots to get home from so, if this is the number one request, Ask will provide transportation home after a game at Safeco field. That way traffic will be our problem, not yours.  

Save the wading pools. Ask will chip in funds to keep community wading pools open, many of which are in danger of closing without some extra help.

How To Vote:

We’re giving you options how to get in on this: 

1) Go to  to make your voice heard (be sure to share your vote with your friends) 

2) download the Pollroll app for iPhone 

3) Street teams are on the scene at local hotspots today—find them, and let them know what you want!

Polling will be open for the next two weeks and results will be announced later this month.

It’s just another way is the answer to your problems. 

Happy voting!