I wanted to share with you some exciting updates about our Ask.com Q&A Community. As you may know, Ask.com Q&A Community is now open to all Ask.com visitors; this means all visitors can receive answers from both the web and from real people. After opening the Ask.com live user community to everyone in September, the visitors of Ask.com have responded amazingly. The user registration from the Ask.com Site has doubled compared to the Beta phase; while the registrations from iOS App have been stable and steady.

Our users are not only joining the Community but are also very engaged as apparent by their many activities (asking questions, answering questions and commenting on questions). Not only do these new Site users browse various Ask.com Q&A pages, but they are also very engaged in content activities such as asking a question, providing answers, commenting on Answers, as well as voting. In fact, in addition to the existing users, about 75-80% of these new users contribute to various content activities on our Ask.com Q&A pages.  The visits to Ask.com Q&A pages are also 2.5 times higher in September.

These are a few highlights of the full release of Ask.com Q&A Community which marks the start of a very exciting road for us. We will share more updates with you as the Q&A Community progresses over time.


Neda Farzinnia, Director of Analytics