Today, Ask partner Nuance launched the new version of its Dragon Go! application, the app that recognizes what users say and delivers direct access to the best sites on the mobile web. This next version of Dragon Go! expands direct access to more answers, movies, music and more; layering voice recognition on top of rich content, expert answers and services from leading partners like, Wolfram|Alpha, Spotify, Google+ and others. 

Users have flocked to Dragon Go! since it launched earlier this year, and we are psyched to have been chosen as a key partner for this next rev. of the product. So, how will it work? By saying “how many calories are in a banana?” or “what is the best vineyard in St. Helena, CA?” users will be directed to an immediate answer from - either through search, or answers from a live community made up of Ask’s 60 million users.

By pairing its voice recognition on top of expert content, rich media, and social services like Google+, Dragon Go! has effectively leapfrogged mobile search applications - giving users direct access to their answer or next activity in a matter of seconds.

Dragon Go! understand the questions, and Ask as the answers - seems like a perfect match to me! Check out the new Dragon Go! app here.

David Amato, Director of Business Development & Partnerships