By askdotcom // October 28th, 2013


Content powers the web. Be it user generated, curated, professional, or marketing driven, content is usually what pulls you online, and if it wasn’t, compelling content is sure as heck the thing that will keep you there.

Search and content are continuously dependent and intertwined – search engines reward good content by making it easily discoverable to millions of people, while the explosion of digital content fosters growing demand for effective search tools. At Ask, we know this interplay well, hence our current strategy to embrace a more content-rich Q&A product experience. So, naturally, it makes sense for us to experiment with content from a branding and marketing perspective as well. Think about it: what better way to get folks to try out Ask than through compelling content that actually inspires questions?

Enter theKnow – Ask’s first truly unique editorial destination. Our goal is to offer users a different cut of the Ask brand – a different voice and an editorial point of view that (we think) is pretty unique in the marketplace. We strive to answer the questions you never knew you had, fulfilling our promise through intellectual dialogue and/or witty cocktail party fodder. In a nutshell, we aim to deliver the most fascinating and relevant info distilled from today’s headlines with clarity, intelligence and our own brand of humor. 

In other words, we’re gonna have fun and we want you to come along for the ride! That might mean some occasional cat pictures, we won’t lie. But we’ll also go deeper. Why should you care about cronuts? Check.


An expose on the woman behind Siri’s voice? Got it. Details on the Woody Allen films no one pays attention to – but should? You’ll find that too. And don’t worry, as the brainchild of a world class Q&A brand, we also have a  healthy dose of useful how-to’s, like how to master the perfect downward dog pose, or a guide for all the ridiculous ways you can literally blow wads of cash should you become a millionaire. Oh, and you can get your celeb fix too.


Ultimately, we hope to get those neurons firing and hey, if one of the articles from our fabulous contributors sparks a question, it’s a hop, skip and a jump over to you-know-where! 

So take a cruise through theKnow and tell us what you think – the good, the bad and the ugly. What you want to see more of, less of or not at all. We promise you won’t hurt our feelings. And if you like something, by all means share the love on any social network of your choice. Speaking of social, feel absolutely free to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Just saying.

Here’s to the start of something special!

 - TheKnow Team @

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Hiding Your Internet Searches? You’re Not Alone

By askdotcom // October 17th, 2013

The Internet is a great place to find information on everything from news and fun facts to the best restaurants and deals on those new boots you’ve been eyeing. But we all search for much more than what we share with our friends and loved ones. So it got us thinking…what are some of the secrets of how consumers search online? Enter,’s Online Consumer Search Habits study, and the results are quite interesting! 

We weren’t surprised to see that two-thirds of online consumers kept searches private from others (we get it) but we were surprised to see that 35% of online consumers kept their searches secret from their significant others! 


And it wasn’t just what online consumers were searching but where they were conducting searches that caught our attention. The study showed that we value our alone time on the toilet to conduct online searches. Guess its a good time to focus!


You can see more results from Ask’s online search behavior here

So…where do YOU search??

- Suraya Akbarzad,

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Holiday Shopping in October?!

By askdotcom // October 1st, 2013


Well…not quite, but a survey of users did reveal that consumers are at least thinking about their holiday shopping strategies. Surprisingly, 40% of respondents said they’re going to skip the crowds and craziness of Black Friday by shopping earlier. And it looks like West Coast shoppers may skip the stores altogether by hitting up online retailers instead. East Coasters, you still prefer to hit the stores to check out the goods, first hand. 

Which brands are shoppers most eager to get their hands on? How much will they be spending? And when will they kick off their holiday shopping adventures? Check out the full results of the survey here.

- Suraya Akbarzad,

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Anatomy of Killer Customer Service - A Fun Interactive Infographic!

By askdotcom // September 24th, 2013

Several business trends have emerged over the past few years, one of the most prolific of which has centered around customer experience, and specifically the way companies and brands interact with customers and users. In early 2012, revamped our entire customer service approach toward a more personalized customer care experience. That got us wondering how Ask users felt about customer service in general, and the experiences people have on a daily basis.

As the below interactive infographic shows, 2000 of our users shared their thoughts with us. The most telling statistic: 65% of users have had their opinion of a brand changed simply by a customer service interaction! It’s no surprise, since in many cases customer service is the only direct contact a brand has with its users. Yet so many companies still choose to farm out customer service operations to third-party vendors whose employees lack the institutional knowledge to speak authoritatively and confidently about the brand!

Check out some of the other effects of existing corporate approaches to customer service in the interactive infographic and mouse over the customer service rep for examples of great customer support at work! 

To share this interactive infographic on your own site, use the embed code below: 

<iframe src=”" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="700" width="500" name="csInfo" seamless>Iframes must be enabled to view this content.</iframe>

- Eric McKirdy, Worldwide Customer Care and Technical Support Manager,


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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Regift

By askdotcom // September 23rd, 2013

The new school year is well under way here in the States and in countries all over the world. Unfortunately, not every student has access to the resources that help make the most educational impact. Recently, the IT team was preparing some outdated laptops for our e-waste disposal service when an awesome opportunity came along.

We found out about the Uganda Mission Support Project and students at the Zana Christian School in Kampala, Uganda who had two computers for the 85 students to learn computer skills. Looking at the 29 laptops we were about to throw away, it was a no-brainer to wipe them clean and ship them to the school – who would otherwise pay upwards of $700 for an unreliable computer that would crash within 6 months.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a big difference in someone’s lives and we’re glad to see the students in Kampala, Uganda already putting those laptops to good use!

- Suraya Akbarzad,

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iPhone 5s - Are Americans On Board?

By askdotcom // September 5th, 2013


The rumors have been whirling around for weeks - a new iPhone, new colors, fingerprint technology?! The hype is reaching a fever pitch among media but what do Americans really think about a possible new iPhone. recently polled our 100 million monthly users and nearly half of respondents can’t wait to get their hands on the new version. 

Surprisingly, the feature people want the most isn’t the fancier colors or sci-fi-inspired fingerprint accessibility but rather the battery life. Sometimes its the simple things that we want the most. 

- Suraya Akbarzad,

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Closing Out the Summer with Oakland Pride

By askdotcom // August 30th, 2013 is proud to be sponsoring this Sunday’s Oakland Pride. Come check out the festivities from 11am-7pm at 20th Street & Broadway. With plenty of food, music and entertainment for the whole family and a long weekend ahead, it’s a no brainer.

And don’t forget to snag an bracelet at the information booth!

Hope to see you there!


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Vote to see at SXSW 2014 

By askdotcom // August 19th, 2013


SXSW PanelPicker opens today and runs through September 6 and we’d love your help in getting on stage in Austin! While speakers are determined partly by SXSW judges, a large portion of the selection comes from community votes! And that’s where you come in.

Sign up for the PanelPicker and vote for your favorite panels:

Hope to see you in Austin!

- Suraya Akbarzad,

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The Right Tools for the Job

By askdotcom // August 6th, 2013

School is just around the corner! Ask employees wanted to make sure every student has an awesome first day and has what they need to be successful in the year ahead. The Family Giving Tree’s Back Pack Drive was a perfect solution! 

Shopping carts, backpacks and boxes were loaded up with all the goodies a kid could want for the new school year. Together we met our commitment and helped more than 30 students with backpack donations!

Here’s to a productive school year! 

-          Suraya Akbarzad,

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